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Sea Shell Healing

The Kahuna (Hawaiian Mystics) were the first people to use them as a healing system. These ancient priests were renowned for their super human abilities from controlling the weather, calling sharks to the shore and helping insane patients back to normality. They learnt that placing shells into the physical energy fields would help relieve problems in all realms of being and thinking, and so shell healing was born!

These gifts from the sea have exceptional healing powers. Shell patterns laid around and upon the fully clothed body for relieving tension and stress in the body, as much so as opening you to a greater awareness for nature and aids in creating the feeling of harmony in your minds, hearts, and bodies and facilitates change.

Because our bodies are 90% water, we respond very naturally to the healing journey that shells can take us on. Shell healing is a very gentle and beautiful practice. These gifts from the sea help us overcome our emotional and physical problems in a natural and enjoyable way. They install in us the same abilities they have themselves, and remind us that no matter how hard things seem to be, we are strong creatures, born to survive against all odds.

With the aid of the shells and sea we can heal and regenerate ourselves. Seashell's can really help with creating change or increasing energy and can help with clearing blockages.

The shapes of the shells are indeed important: spirals can really help with creating change or increasing energy whilst 'radiant' (think sunbeams) shells like scallops can help with clearing blockages.

Once the seashell's are laid around and on you, Janet will take you on a visualization exercise to the beach.

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