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Reiki Healing

Reiki healing transmits energy from the Universe through a healer to assist in pain relief, speed up the healing process (physical and non-physical), and calms the emotions.

During the Reiki session, the client lies on a massage table fully-clothed, usually starting on the back and then sometimes turning over on the stomach. Rev. Janet places her hands lightly on the body, or just above, usually starting at the head and working down towards the feet, working with the seven major Chakra Energy Systems. The client is encouraged to relax and often feels a sense of flowing heat, coolness, or tingling and sometimes experiences a deep sleep.

Whether you have a high energy pressured job, are healing or just want some rest or good energy there is nothing like having a Reiki Healing. Light touch or no touch sessions.

Chakra Color Healing

Colored patches or crystals are laid upon each of the seven major chakra’s to bring them back into balance and to assist in releasing negative energies

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