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Feng Shui

Feeling stuck, unable to move forward in your life and toward your goals? Want a better career, a loving relationship, or more wealth or abundance?

Feng Shui can be very powerful for helping you move towards your goals and finally living the life of your dreams through connection of person and place. Home, office or business consultation.

I offer the following feng shui consultations for your home, office, business or yard and each type of feng shui consultation varies in fee and according to the size of your space.

  • On-the-spot consultation

  • Phone & Email consultation

  • Full written report, photographs and samples report

  • Furniture placement

  • Colors and lighting

  • Textures

  • Sounds

  • Aromas

  • Flow of spaces

  • Elemental Testing: Discover what element; water, wood, fire, earth, or metal you are

  • Archityping Consultation: Do this before you build or buy

  • Consultation with builder and/or landscaper

  • Landscaping and Curb Appeal

  • Plant and material selection

  • Walkways and Pathways

  • Playground areas

  • Gardens: Meditation, SAD (Winter), Entertaining, and Children's
    Wildlife attraction/homes: Butterflies, Moths, Birds and Bees

  • Classroom and Admin Placement

  • Realtors, Buyers and Sellers

Call us for your consultation today at 410-586-9440

"I am a family physician and medical acupuncturist and I asked OverHall Consulting to help improve my office environment. The Feng Shui recommendations that Janet Hall made for my office have greatly transformed my office into a more peaceful, roomy, and tranquil setting. The staff, other doctors in the practice, and myself are amazed at the transformation in the office. We have more peace of mind, space, and comfort and we are more productive. I would recommend Mrs. Hall's services without hesitation to anyone who is considering changing their working environment to a more comfortable and productive place."
--Rafik A. Nasr, M.D. in Prince Frederick, MD

"Janet came into my family’s life at one of its’ lowest points, one of my sons was in desperate need of help and in many ways and our family was feeling the pressure. Our home was “our prison”, Janet came in and reviewed everything from color, furniture style, texture and aroma and provided recommendations for each room... The first room done was my son’s bedroom and the difference it made was incredible, he actually slept through the night for the first time in 4 years. I quickly implemented as many of her recommendations as I could, new flooring, new furniture, object placement and aromas throughout the entire house and what a difference it has made in all of us. Our home is now peaceful, fun and comforting…I highly recommend Janet’s services as a Feng Shui Consultant and I look forward to working with her in her other endeavors as well."
-- Beth, Lusby, MD

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