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Inspirational and Enchanted Walkabouts

Awaken your connection to the earth and come view the world through a new set of eyes!

This program is designed to walk trails of local parks and state parks and instill Earth Awareness and Nature Appreciation in everyone by getting people to see and feel their connection to the natural world. To be able to communicate with the trees, butterflies, dragonflies, the wind, the rain, the flowers and other creations with honor and respect. To have people become One with Nature rather than just walking through the woods and not see the beauty and purpose of all of Creation. To remind people to their role as Stewards of the Earth and to take better care of their home planet. It is the only home that we have!

The Inspirational Walkabout’s is a walking tour with Janet Hall as your guide introducing you to the spirits of the garden, the tree people and to the elementals of air, water and earth! Visit with the enchanted trees, the dragons and the many faces of nature. See the dancing energies as you journey the many trails and paths. Feel the joy and energy of the faerie realm. Smell the hidden fragrances and the voices of the unseen realms. Capture orbs, wands and unexplained light as we explore the many realms of God. This program will assist you in seeing and feeling the world through a new set of eyes and heart. Awaken and become one with your world. Bring your camera and a journal/pen to record the wonderful sites and inspirations that occur. For all ages.

  • Learn how to perform a Heart Connection that will enable you to connect to Mother Nature
  • Learn how to identify partnership trees, elevator trees, trees with faces and hearts, gathering circles and more.
  • Discover how to call in the elementals and fairies
  • Ask the flowers, trees and shrubs to release their energy and fragrance’s.

See Janet's Events for all scheduled walkabouts.

If you'd like to host a walkabout for your group and have Janet facilitate please call 410-586-9440

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